Level 2 Award in the Safe use of Sheep Dip (0141-02)

The qualification covers the legal requirements under the medicines (Exemptions for merchants in Veterinary Drugs) Order 1998 for any one wishing to purchase and use sheep dip products. It covers reading and understanding the product data, operating within the relevant legislative, welfare and environmental requirments, record keeping, knowledge of common external parasites and sheep diseases, use and disposal of sheep dip. It is relevant to all those who work with sheep dip.

Level 2 Award in the Safe use of Sheep Dip (0141-02)

The qualification is divided into 2 unit . The first unit is mandatory and has two parts. The initial part is a computer based multiple choice test to check fundamental job related knowledge which is essential for safe use of sheep dips before, during and after dipping. The second part is a one to one assessment using oral questioning in the vicinity of sheep dip. Candidates get their results at the end of the test.

There is an optional unit which can only be taken during the dipping season which covers the actual sheep dipping operation.

Many candidates take a training course to make sure that they have the knowledge, skills and resources to be successful at assessment. Training can be provided through independent training providers, colleges or local training groups.

A selection of training providers are listed at nptc.org.uk

These are training providers who are part of CPTC ltd:
Duchy College - duchy.ac.uk
Kensey Training - kenseytraining.co.uk
Kernow Training - kernowtraininggroup.co.uk
Lyhner Training - lynhertraining.co.uk